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free Bow fishing clinic


“FREE Bow Fishing Clinic”



Bill with his first Carp of the day

Saturday – April 23rd, 2016 @ 10:00AM

Archery Only Inc.
(37300 Cedar Blvd. Unit D, Newark 94560)

Proudly Presents the “How To’s Of Bow Fishing”

Receive information and instructions on what you need to know
to be successful when fishing with your bow.
This one hour clinic will be filled with insider tips on proper equipment & setup,

how to train for underwater shooting,
how to hunt and hit an underwater target. Speakers: Ron VanderHeiden & Wayne PiersolDSC_0521

Here is a link to the official flyer

Bow Fishing Clinic V3


Bill with another one

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Top ten free RV camping tips part 2


Top ten free RV camping tips part 2



South Dakota

#5 & #6 Cabelas & Bass Pro

Cabela’s  not only  allows  RVs  overnight opportunities  many of them offer  water  as well as septic dumps  free of charge.  To sportsmen these places are like  Disneyland for adults.

#7  Camping world

Camping world  advertises  the same overnight  courtesies  knowing if you’re on the road  you may need  some parts

for your camper  or possibly a new amenity.  Either way they are a good resource.

#8 rest stops



rest stops  are an obvious choice  for your overnight stop.  There are apps  that show you how close you are  to your next  rest stop and even rate them.  many of them  will advertise  they are patrolled witch my wife prefers.

#9 truck  stops


Copyright: Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

Copyright: Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

Truck stops are normally  open 24 hours  provide clean bathrooms and showers  as well as dining.

#10 Private property


© Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

© Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

Private property  can be one of the best  for a sportsman.  I cannot remember the last time  I got turned down to spend the night and even get access  to hunt.  Most landowners  seem to be  blown away  that you have the courtesy  and respect to ask.   I know for fact landowners are tired  of people  jumping their property  without permission, which is illegal by the way.


Copyright: Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

Copyright: Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

I also  offer  to patrol the property  while I’m hunting  and let them know  if I see others  not behaving.  This can develop  long-term  friendships.


Copyright Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

Copyright Terry VanderHeiden, 2016

If some of these  free camping  opportunities sound good for you And you like the idea of the mobility of a pop up camper click  the four-wheel camper  link  to see what I’m using.


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Take the bite out of your dog walks.



Hundreds of dogs are bitten by rattlesnakes every year many right here in the Bay Area.

If you are an outdoorsman and a dog enthusiast like myself you will want to protect your dog.

There are many ways to protect your dogs from being bitten a leash can help but it is no guarantee.

I vaccinate my dogs every year for rattlesnakes talk to your vet and learn the benefits.

There is an additional and very cool way to protect your dogs as well. It is called rattlesnake avoidance training.

The training is being conducted by Get Rattled your answer for the unprotected dog.

Willie J Stevens accomplished dog trainer for over 20 years as well as John Potash’s reptile a authority have combined their skills to bring people a unique way of protecting their dogs ( rattlesnake avoidance ).

DSC_0147I have put my dogs through avoidance classes for years and found get rattled to be the top of the Mark.


The training for the Bay Area and Northern California is being conducted at Olive Hill Kennels. 5235 lesser Rd. Knights landing.



Appointments are scheduled first come first serve basis to register contact Bruce Lyon (707) 290-5320.

About the training:

Experience dog trainers and license snake handlers will conduct the training. Your dog will be trained to avoid snaks through site sound and smell, to avoid the rattlers.

I have heard stories about the success of this type of training. I once heard a story about an owner that has put his lab through this training and on a hike the dog literally pushed the owner off the trail

The owner thought what the heck and almost started to scold his dog when he realized there was a rattlesnake smack in their trail and that the dog not only avoided the snake but pushed the owner to safety as well.


One of the most famous Dog trainers in the world and a friend of mine Rick Smith trains dog owners and future trainers every year across the US. Rick runs clinics every year at quill point mid-March.


I once asked Rick what he thought a rattlesnake avoidance is first comment was Ron I don’t conduct that training myself I’m not a reptile guy but if you’re asking me should you do it.

He paused and looked me dead in the eye and said “why wouldn’t you”.

I currently put my dogs through this training every year and plan to continue.

I will be attending Rick Smith clinics starting March 18 at quill point and get rattled May 1 hope to see you there.

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Top ten free RV camping tips part 1

Top ten free RV camping tips




Everybody loves a buy one get one free offer, how about buy one get them all free; sounds good right let me explain.  When I first purchased my four-wheel  pop-up camper I envisioned that I would have some opportunities to camp in some secluded areas for free, but I had no idea  what was truly available.

The US is arguably  one of the most beautiful  places on the planet.  hopefully  some of the photos you will see can support that.

The tips I am about to share and work with most RVs  but some  will definitely  favor  a pop-up camper, like my Four wheel.

#1 national Forest.




national Forest  can be spectacular and normally free.  sometimes  you are  on mountain roads  by streams or lakes  and the set up like my four wheel pop-up camper  is worth its weight in gold.  Some of the prettiest  campsites I have used  would be remote  at best.  There is no chance  you’re going to  roll in with a 33 foot motorhome.


New Hampshire

I many times tease my good friend  who has a big  30 foot plus motorhome  saying you hike up from your campsite to see that beautiful view  by a lake or stream where I am already  camped.



New Hampshire

#2 BLM land

BLM land (  Bureau of land management )  manages land  for logging and paper companies


© David L. Bozsik, 2016

© David L. Bozsik, 2016

BLM public lands are located in many western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming to name a few.

Most require a fire permit which I normally forgo because my four wheel pop-up camper has a great stove. In addition being a hunter  having myself or my clothes  smell like  an extinguished campfire  is not my idea of going unnoticed by animals  in the woods.

#3 private logging companies

Private logging companies throughout the US have secured some of the most beautiful land imaginable and often allow free camping. In most cases  campfires are not permitted  for obvious reasons.  For them Camp Fires  is like giving a kid  a hammer in a  shop  that specializes in glass figurines  and fine china,  Not a great combination.

#4  Walmart


© David L. Bozsik, 2016

© David L. Bozsik, 2016

if you just  want a place to spend the night with access to clean bathrooms,  groceries, and other supplies you might need,  Walmart can be a great choice. Most Walmart super centers and many of their stores  allow this overnight  courtesy.


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DSC_1533No, I’m not talking about the father trying to marry off his daughters. You know, the guy playing the fiddle on the roof.

I’m talking about whenever you’re on the East Coast, if you’re like me, you have to have fresh lobster. You may be able to get lobster shipped to you nearly year-round, but there is something special about picking up some fresh bugs (as the locals refer to them), throwing them in a pot, and having a fresh lobster feed of your own.





So, you already know you want fresh lobster, but where do you go? There are so many places, how can you tell the good ones from the not so good ones. One way is to look up reviews and then try to find one that’s perfect. Bayley’s Lobster Pound might be perfect. Bayley’s Lobster Pound not only sells live lobster, but they will cook them for you on the spot. Plus, they will give you cooking instructions for your own lobster feast. They also provide lobster meat, crabmeat, cold water shrimp, tiger shrimp, crab claws, haddock, salmon, swordfish, tuna, sole, halibut, little neck, oysters, and the list goes on. The list of seafood I just described is seasonal, but you can see that at Bayley’s you’re going to get a wide selection. They also ship overnight.



Perhaps the next time you’re visiting the East Coast, especially Maine, on your upland hunt of a lifetime, you’ll start your trip off with the tradition of your own lobster feast. Enjoy.






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