That’s a Great Dog


“ Wow, that’s a great dog you have there. ”

Have you ever wished your friends would compliment you on your dog?

Have you ever been invited on hunting trips just so you would bring along your dog?

One of my go to resources, that I find invaluable in dog training, is the Rick Smith Dog Training Method. Rick Smith is considered by many to be a living legend in the dog-training world.

Rick and his cousin Ronnie Smith have not only carried on the rich tradition of dog training  that was made famous by Rick’s father, Delmar Smith, they have added to the craft with modern equipment and techniques.


The catalyst for this article was a recent dog training seminar conducted by Rick Smith  at Quail point near my home in Northern California.  Rick Smith travels the country putting on  dog training clinics such as the  one I took part in the spring.

Rick Smith was at Quail Point last year, near my home in Northern California and I was fortunate enough to take his three-day clinic. The one I participated in was called “Foundation”.

This year I was invited back to assist as one of his alumni students.


As a participant, you learn to read a dog’s body language and how to project your own body language. You learn the correct and concise methods to transmit to your dog what you want he or she to do.  Rick meets with the class attendees the evening before clinic and asks the dog owners to describe their dogs.  Many of the dogs were described as extremely shy, bullheaded, stubborn and some were described as out of control maniacs.

As the dogs were lined up in the morning, it was easy to spot their personalities described the night before by their owners.

By midday, all the dogs were alert, attentive and willing to be trained. The shy dog was now brave and bold The stubborn dog was now eager to learn and the out-of-control dog looked like an honor guard on a parade ground. It was a mind-blowing experience to see the transformation of these dogs.

Rick brought with him a young and rising star in the dog-training world by the name of Jeremiah Davidson.

Jeremiah is already an established hunting guide, dog trainer and he owns his own kennel located in Nevada. He was a dynamic speaker in his own right and was a fantastic compliment to the Rick Smith clinic.


Make a point to visit Rick’s web site to see when he’s going to be in your area, he teaches a fascinating clinic and he gets you on your way to molding your own “great dog.”

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