Keys to Success

One of the keys to my success is the logistics I use on my trips. My Four Wheel Pop-up camper makes it easy for me to travel so often.





As a professional fly fisherman, I once accumulated over 240 days of fishing in a single year. If I had to pay for hotels or even campsites, I would be a poor man. For many years, my camping consisted of a hammock, a quality sleeping bag, and a tarp if it was raining.


When I would purchase a car, the first thing I would have the dealer do is fold all the seats flat. I would then lay in the car to see if it would provide a comfortable night’s sleep.  You can imagine that when I first got my Four Wheel Camper, which is a pop-up pickup camper, I thought of it as the Taj Mahal.My camper has a convenient stove, an amazingly powerful heater, a hot-water shower, and sleeping accommodations that you’d have to see to believe.


Some of the gang of Four Wheel Campers that come to mind are Terry Budd, Stan Kennedy, and Tom Hanagan the owner and president of Four Wheel Campers.I’ve known the people associated with Four Wheel Campers for quite a while now. Not only are they friendly and helpful, but just like you and I, they love the outdoors. They are so warm and welcoming that when you first meet them, you feel like you’ve known them for years.


When you first meet Tom Hannagan, his love for camping and his pride for the campers they produce is readily apparent.Here is a short video of Tom talking about their unbelievably comfortable sleeping accommodations.






You can find videos that go into great detail of all their products on their website:


I have a good friend who has a 33-foot behemoth motorhome that he takes on his camping trips. He often tells me  that he can’t go that often because the gas just kills him; he can take a few trips per year at most. They have to pack all their food for the trip because it’s nearly impossible to pull into a grocery store to get supplies.I am quite sure that hidden gem restaurant is out of the question.


That’s not the case with the pickup camper. Parking and driving is a snap and the fact that the camper is down when you’re driving makes gas mileage surprisingly good.


I can’t remember the last time I paid for a campsite. In future articles, I will share some of my secrets for free camping.


When my friend travels with his Behemoth, he’s normally parking on a cement pad and paying anywhere from $60 to $80 per night for the privilege. He then takes a hike to the bluff, river, or lake, where I greet him from my camping spot.


It doesn’t matter what you use to get out and see some of the incredible sights America has to offer. Just get out there and be part of our wonderful outdoors. The more you see, the more you appreciate the many great national resources the US has to offer.


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