Hidden Gems

As I was heading across the United States for my upland trip of a lifetime, I found some great hidden gems. These are spots along the way that I felt I should share.


One of the advantages of having such a portable camper is that I can easily hit restaurants along the way. By stopping at local favorites I find it’s a great way to see and taste the food of that region. Here are a couple hidden gems I found on the first leg of my journey.



I came across Del’s restaurant less than 2 miles from interstate 40 in the town of Tucumcari, New Mexico. Del’s specializes in American Mexican food. I went there for the taste of the Southwest and I was not disappointed. They had a green chile stew at the salad bar that was unbelievable; it was the best soup I’ve ever had at a salad bar. I had the carne asada steak with all the fixings. With my first bite of the steak, I closed my eyes and felt I was in the middle of a spaghetti Western, in a big round arena looking at Lee Van Cleef, Eli Wallach, and of course I was Clint Eastwood. Stop your chuckling, you know you would’ve chosen Clint Eastwood for yourself. I could never figure out who is supposed to be the ugly.

Eli and LeeVan were drop dead killers, definitely bad guys in that movie, and they’re both professional actors so neither of them could be considered ugly. Oh well, I digress. I will let you answer that question as I get back to dining.

The ambience is quite pleasing and very clean. The restaurant must support a good portion of the town because it seemed like you had your own personal waitress or waiter. My waitress was Andrea and she couldn’t be nicer.



If you happen to find yourself on Historic Route 66 or near Tucumari, Del’s is definitely a stop to consider.


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