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You all know I love my popup four wheel camper; In fact, soon I will share how I camp free most of the time.



This is a photo I took on the south end of the Marathon key looking towards Key West. I was getting about a one second exposure with my camera on its slowest setting. There was a good lightning storm and I wanted to capture it. I used my polarized filter as a low-density filter and got about a 15 second exposure. I took one photo after another with the extended exposure. Over 120 shots later, I got this one.




Then we went north to do something really fun. My wife wanted to swim with the manatees so we did some research and came across a resort called the Plantation on Crystal River. The reviews are great and the photos were quite impressive, almost intimidating.


Front of Hotel 3


We were surprised to find out the prices were very competitive and they offered incredible amenities. They had a world-class golf course which my brother would love, being a writer for a golf magazine for many years.



Golf Course 8


My wife and I made the decision to stay a few nights at the Plantation and treat ourselves.


If you love the idea of true Southern hospitality with all its charm and grace, look no farther. The rooms were spotless, the facility breathtaking, and dining excellent. Terry, one of the management team, told me this is what people traveled to Florida for before the mouse. Being a fisherman and recognizing a perfect cast and great presentation I bit, what do you mean mouse?


Terry smiled and replied, Mickey Mouse. We both laughed and I understood there is much more to a Florida vacation than Disney World.


Back of Hotel HERO SHOT



I’m only going to post a couple of photos because if you want to treat yourself, I want the Plantation to take your breath away like it did for us.


She crab soup


The Plantation is located a few blocks away from a small shopping center, as well as a breakfast spot known as Grannies. This is comfort food at its best. In fact, I felt that my readership would hold it against me if I did not mention this place. Easy on the wallet, but very hard on the waistline. The portions were so large, we found ourselves eating just two meals per day; the morning at Grannies and the evening at the Plantation. Just another good reason to check out this resort.




I will have a follow-up article regarding the Plantation and our manatee encounter. It was spectacular with some really cool video I would like to share. I cannot do the video justice on the road, so I will post the manatee encounter when I return home. You won’t want to miss the photos, video, and stories of our guide Capt. John. He is a true Florida treasure and can be found at the Plantation.



Manatee 5

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