Take the bite out of your dog walks.



Hundreds of dogs are bitten by rattlesnakes every year many right here in the Bay Area.

If you are an outdoorsman and a dog enthusiast like myself you will want to protect your dog.

There are many ways to protect your dogs from being bitten a leash can help but it is no guarantee.

I vaccinate my dogs every year for rattlesnakes talk to your vet and learn the benefits.

There is an additional and very cool way to protect your dogs as well. It is called rattlesnake avoidance training.

The training is being conducted by Get Rattled your answer for the unprotected dog.

Willie J Stevens accomplished dog trainer for over 20 years as well as John Potash’s reptile a authority have combined their skills to bring people a unique way of protecting their dogs ( rattlesnake avoidance ).

DSC_0147I have put my dogs through avoidance classes for years and found get rattled to be the top of the Mark.


The training for the Bay Area and Northern California is being conducted at Olive Hill Kennels. 5235 lesser Rd. Knights landing.



Appointments are scheduled first come first serve basis to register contact Bruce Lyon (707) 290-5320.

About the training:

Experience dog trainers and license snake handlers will conduct the training. Your dog will be trained to avoid snaks through site sound and smell, to avoid the rattlers.

I have heard stories about the success of this type of training. I once heard a story about an owner that has put his lab through this training and on a hike the dog literally pushed the owner off the trail

The owner thought what the heck and almost started to scold his dog when he realized there was a rattlesnake smack in their trail and that the dog not only avoided the snake but pushed the owner to safety as well.


One of the most famous Dog trainers in the world and a friend of mine Rick Smith trains dog owners and future trainers every year across the US. Rick runs clinics every year at quill point mid-March.


I once asked Rick what he thought a rattlesnake avoidance is first comment was Ron I don’t conduct that training myself I’m not a reptile guy but if you’re asking me should you do it.

He paused and looked me dead in the eye and said “why wouldn’t you”.

I currently put my dogs through this training every year and plan to continue.

I will be attending Rick Smith clinics starting March 18 at quill point and get rattled May 1 hope to see you there.

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