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Shaking For Bass

As a professional  flyfishing demonstrator and speaker, I am often asked my favorite way to take large mouth bass on a fly. One of the techniques that I have developed for bass fishing, I call the “quiver”.  Anyone that knows me personally knows that I shake like a  junky going through re-hab.  Don’t feel bad for me, I’m used to it.  I have also turned it into what I believe is an advantage.
I cast my fly to where I think the bass is holding. I let my fly sit until all the rings of my presentation have disappeared. I then take up all the slack in my  fly line. I then induce what I believe is a good shaking motion, which is easy for me.
At the end of my fly line, my fly will begin to quiver. I find that the shorter, more responsive Sage bass rod is perfect for this. It’s like giving out dollar bills for halloween. The bass line up to crush the fly.
This technique has proved to be remarkable for me, but I do not take any responsibility for anyone that may come down with a shaking problem due to bass fishing.
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